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Three Meters Above the Sky (Italian: Tre metri sopra il cielo) is the first novel by Italian writer Federico Moccia, the first part of the saga that makes up this book along with its second part. It is a romantic comedy and a portrait of ephemeral adolescence. First published in 1992 in a minimal edition paid for by the author himself, and which sold out immediately.

It was photocopied again and again, and circulated from hand to hand until it was republished in 2004, becoming a spectacular bestseller. In 2008 the second part was released called «Tengo Ganas de ti» (Italian: Ho voglia di te) in which Stefano (Step) rediscovers if Babi is his true love. After its success in bookstores, the book received several awards, was translated into several languages and was published throughout Europe, Brazil and Japan.

Stefano Step: He is a mysterious, good-looking young man with a rebellious character; the girls’ favorite. He has a somewhat stormy past, which alienates him from his family and leads him to prefer to be called Step. When he meets Babi, he is captivated by her beauty and attitude, thus beginning a romance that will change both of their lives. The phrase «Three meters above the sky» is his par excellence.

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We start 2019 and we still have no news of the film adaptation of the third part of Three Meters Above the Sky, something we have been waiting for since Federico Moccia published the novel in 2017.

In Italy, he took it upon himself to bring his work to the cinema. «Maybe in Italy it could be me if it was decided to make the film and I would love it because I would be reunited with my characters who are already older. It’s a book that if it were made into a film would be very special, full of nuances. It would be a tremendous test for the actors,» he assured.

The Italian author made a time jump in the story. «The lives of the protagonists have changed,» his publisher assured, «they have managed to be happy, but when they least expect it, their paths cross again». What happens in this new meeting of the triangle that has raised so many sighs?

It is enough to read it to find answers to questions that were left in the air, such as: Did Step and Gin last in that second chance they were supposed to give each other? Did Babi finally get married and be happy? Has Step become a father?…?

Tres veces tu – última parte de la saga 3mscielo

Siento mucha curiosidad acerca de eso, porque mi amiga, Hellena Elen. Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo o Three Meters Above Heaven en inglés y «Tiga Meter di atas Langit» en bahasa.Ella me recomendó una película con título «Tres metros sobre el cielo» igual que esta. Me dijo que la película tiene una bonita historia. Así que me enteré de la película. Y ¡WOW! La película adaptada por una novela.Yo muy…muy…muy quiero leer esta. Pero, mi español no es muy bien no…no pero muy malo. Estoy en el nivel básico (principiante). Entonces, ¿alguien puede traducirlo en inglés o en bahasa? Hehehe. (¿este tiene una edición traducida al inglés?)O quizás me atrevo a leerlo con el diccionario de español al lado. Por cierto, tengo el e-book, solo espero a que mi cerebro esté en condiciones superfinas para leerlo.Por cierto, me gusta el tipo de la película 😉 Es muy guapo 😀

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