Cómo poner ma letra de mas canciones en instagram


Instagram is one of the most used social networks by brands. And at least 62% of consumers claim to have become interested in a brand or product after seeing it on this social network.

Instagram uses a fairly simple and functional font: Helvetica. It is one of the most famous typefaces in the world. It is characterized by its neutrality, versatility and for being highly legible. It is not surprising that Instagram chooses to use it to communicate the thoughts and ideas of its users, as it makes it easier for the message to be clear and legible.

As for stories, Instagram has more alternatives: classic, modern, neon, typewriter and bold. If these typography modalities are not enough for you, customizing them is easier than you can imagine.

You’ve probably seen other Instagram profiles that have different typographies and they caught your attention because they look different. That’s because a typography can speak volumes about your brand, your personality or even your style.  Choosing the typography of your profile or your Instagram posts will help you make them look original and stand out from the rest.

Letter fonts

This new feature can be found in the camera tool reel of the Instagram Stories section, i.e. along with Zoom, live video, etc. Also this feature allows you to change the background color. You will also find 4 different lettering styles such as: Font, Modern, Neon or Typewriter.

On the other hand, if you want to change the font style and available backgrounds, you can do so by clicking on the button at the top center. This will allow you to switch between 4 styles: Modern, Neon, Typewriter and Font.

Instagram fonts

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A cover is playing someone else’s composition and recording it. For example, «Traeme la Noche» is a cover by Gustavo Cerati of an original song by The Police. A cover can be any song that uses elements of the original song such as: chords, key, lyrics, etc.. The same applies for:

Note that you cannot use samples of the original song without the composer’s permission. To use a karaoke track you have found online you have to make sure what the copyrights are.

Beautiful lettering

I’m sure CKay doesn’t regret the decision to work on this new remix of his song either, because thanks to him we have known it all over the world. Love Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah), which is how this other version of the song is called, first became a hit in his native Nigeria, and immediately made the leap to the rest of the globe. Few people have been able to resist the totally catchy rhythm of its chorus, with a clear Afrobeat tendency, which makes it perfect to dance to wherever we are at any given moment. This also explains its rising popularity on TikTok.

However, all that glitters is not always gold, and now we have learned that the author of the song himself found out that the TikTok viral was using a different remix of his composition and for which he had not given permission. In CKay’s words for Rolling Stone magazine, he claims to have felt «initially ripped off» not only for this reason, but also for having «changed the name», including only the creators of that remix (DJ Yo and Axel) and leaving the Nigerian artist out of his credits. Of course, «things are in place» now, as he himself has assured.